Content marketing has come into its own. Distribution used to be very expensive when newspapers, TV and radio were the only options. The mobile internet has changed that. Distribution is no longer the problem. The problem now is management of these distribution channels.

Projections of this market show that it is growing at around 16% annually. That’s huge. In 2019 300 billion will be spent on content marketing and an estimated 54% towards outsourced service providers. This is a big marketing opportunity.

Who Needs Content Marketing?

Everybody needs content marketing, but many businesses are not investing in this service in house. Content is the currency of the internet and customers prefer native content to paid ads. We call advertising ‘native’ when it looks like it is part of the website and not paid advertising. Paid advertising seems desperate. Businesses need to meet customers where they already are, on their cell phones on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn.

Business need blog posts that share knowledge and experience and educate people. Customers want to feel like they have discovered your business, B2C or B2B – from restaurants to lawyers, business big and small can all benefit from content marketing.

There are lots of platforms out there, like iWriter and Upwork, where you can find writers for a very cheap price. This is however not optimal. In order to really write properly on the internet you need to understand search engine optimization- how to format things properly on site, with the proper JASON LD and Schema mark up, as well as off site SEO linking strategies, etc. The need for content providers that understand how the internet works is significant. Video is another type of content that is huge on the internet and steadily becoming an absolute necessity. The majority of businesses have no interest in evaluating writers, helping them with research or formatting and posting their content or creating video assets to go with their blogs.

In this article I will outline the strategy and the tools I use to create and manage content.

Some Powerful Software Tools

Please check out Story Chief, an incredible writing software that not only assists writers in the writing but helps you optimize for search engines.

It has a very clean writing canvas.

Pic of Story Chief writing area

You easily add pictures and videos, rich media like Twitter and Instagram posts, sign up forms and so much more.

Pic of Story Chief integrations list

It provides easy to use tools to help you optimize for SEO.

Pic of Story Chiefs SEO tool

It is also has collaboration tools. With Storychief you can easily invite other writers to work on your stories with you.

Pic of Story Chiefs user invite tool

You can also provide an editorial brief, so that all collaborators will both figuratively and literally be on the same page.

Pic of Story Chief Editorial brief tool

A way of instantly emailing all the people who may need to approve of the piece.

Pic of Story Chief Approval request tool

Once the story is approved it is a matter of one click to instantly publish the piece to person websites of all sorts.

Pic of Story Chief Website integration tool
This is a partial list

Various content hubs.

Pic of Story Chief Content Hub tool

Also to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Pic of Story Chief Social Network tool

A feature that is only available to those that have Marketer plan is the ability to do referral marketing, by instantly inviting brand ambassadors, these are people who are fans of your brand and who you know will share your content, as well as being able to instantly send your piece to a press list for press release.

Pic of Story Chiefs Referral Marketing tool

You can also instantly send your writing to the following supported email auto responders so that you can send it the people on your email list.

Pic of Story Chiefs Email Marketing tool

And it also integrates with the following accelerated mobile pages services, so your content will load super fast on mobile devices.

Pic of Story Chiefs Mobile Platform tool

It also has the ability to create user accounts for your clients that you can manage for them.

Re-purposing Content as PDF’s and Videos

The great thing about content as that it can be re-used. A reasonable goal for a company when it comes to content marketing is to create one blog post a week, but why not turn you blog posts into a PDF or eBook for free give away as a lead generation tool? Once you have the blogs written this can be easily done with tools like Designrr.

Turning you blog posts into videos is also a really great way to get the most out of you content marketing. Tools like Lumen5 use A.I. to turn your blogs into videos.


In short – more and more companies need these types of service and the opportunity for providers of these services has never been greater.

By John Wojeowda

Pic of owner

John Victor Digital entrepreneur