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Why LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a numbers game. There are approximately 550 million people on LinkedIn and around 19 million companies. If you sell business services then you should be using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation.

What is the best way to reach them?

Use Your Profile as a Landing Page

Your LinkedIn profile can both be a landing page and a sales letter. Here are some great suggestions for optimization.

  1. Add a professional head shot to your profile.
  2. Add a booking calendar link.
  3. Create a quality profile banner.
  4. You need a great headline.
  5. Your profile needs to be a sales letter.

Let’s Talk Copy

Your headline is your core message and your key to success whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Direct Mail, LinkedIn for B2B or any other marketing platform. You only have one sentence to grab your prospects attention, you need to get this right. Brevity is of the utmost importance.

Your headline should be able to pass the following tests.

  1. The “So what” test. Can your prospect easily say ‘so what’ to your headline?
  2. The “Yes” test. Are you giving your prospect something to say yes to?
  3. The “Question” test. Does your headline ask a question to engage your prospect?
  4. The “Specificity” test. Does your headline offer a specific solution to a specific problem to a specific group of people?
  5. The “You” test. Is your headline all about you or is it about your prospect?

So hypothetically let’s compare two different headlines.

A) Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in Adwords, Facebook and LindedIn lead generation.

Can you say ‘so what’? Yes you can. Is there something to say ‘yes’ to? No there is not. Does it ask a question? No. Is it specific? Nope. Is it all about me? Yes.

B) If I could 100% guarantee 2-4 paying clients for your PPC services every month would you be interested?

Can I say ‘so what’? Nope. Is there something to say ‘yes’ to? You bet. Does it ask a question? Yup. Is it specific? Yes. Is it all about me? No.

By being specific you are qualifying your prospect.

A Sales Letter not a Resume

Rewrite your profile with the following four paragraphs –

  1. Here’s what I got.
  2. Here’s what it’ll do for you.
  3. Here’s our USP (Unique selling proposition.)
  4. Here’s how you get it.

Be bold and to the point, with language like… “I’ll get the point..” or “Here’s the deal…” or “We have the lowest fees in the industry…” etc.

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